What's New in Education Technology

Haley Paszkiewicz, Casey Isaacs

TPaCK- Teaching Pedagogy and Content Knowledge

TPaCK's goal is "to capture some of the essential qualities of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching while addressing the complex, multifaceted and situated nature of teacher technology." The three main focuses for TPaCK are: content, pedagogy and technology.A great website that gives you an outline of TPaCK is http://www.tpck.org/tpck/index.php?title=Main_PageI would use TPaCK because as a teacher it is important to have knowledge of the growing technology world. It is important as a teacher to make sure that the students understand the knowledge that is being presented to them.

Digital Divides

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Digital divide is the gap between people who have knowledge of technology(digital natives) and those who have little knowledge of technology(digital immigrants). There are four different categories that are a part of digital divide: skills, access, social economic and gender. Skills- Having the knowledge of how to operate and use technology in the society.Access- Depending on where you live, do you have access to things like internet, certain programs, and also the kind of funding your school gets for technology.Social Economic- Whether or not you can afford certain types of technology. Again, with the schools and the amount of funding they get. If the school is a larger school district they would have more enhanced technology but if it's a smaller school district, you may not get as much funding to spend on technology.Gender- The divide with gender is that boys tend to take over technology where the girls aren't so inclined to play all the video games that the boys do.A web address that you could go to, to find information on digital divide is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_divideBy taking this class, it is closing the digital divide between me and thousands of people who are very tech savvy. Technology has grown so much within the past decade, not just with cell phones and computers but also in the classroom. They have made a Smartboard that is a useful tool for enhancing a students learning.

Technology Addictions

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Someone who is addicted to technology allows technology to consume every aspect of their lives. There are so many different things that people consume their lives with like: their phones, TV, video games, the internet, etc.

In this website it talked about how so many people have allowed their blackberries to basically run their lives. They can't even get through a bite of food without checking something. It was stated at the end of the paragraph that the need to constantly be on their blackberries and sending emails is just as dangerous to their health as obesity and smoking.


With the growth of technology within the past decade, it has enhanced learning in the classroom. Instead of writing on the white board, and making trasnparency the teacher can decrease the strain on their voice by using a microphone that hangs around their neck, also Smartboards are a way to enhance the learning of the students. There is such a large range of things you can do with it. You can do math problems by pulling up dominoes, being able to "pop" bubbles to expose an answer, watch videos, pull up the worksheet to follow along and the list goes on and on. I have helped in a second grade classroom and the kids go crazy when they have the opportunity to help with the Smartboard. Yes, the Smartboard and other technologies in the classroom are helpful and are fun to use when learning but when I am a teacher I think it is important for the students to know how to do problems first hand without the use of technology and calculators. I think adults as well as the youth are too dependant on technology and the assistance it gives them.


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A wiki is a website that allows you to make a webpage that people can go in and read and also edit with your permission. It also is a way to create collaborative work.

http://www.wikispaces.com :This is the website to set up your free account

As a teacher, I would use a wiki to discuss and topic and have students edit the box with what they know about that certain topic as well as what they would want to learn. It would be a collaboration of a 'KWL" chart.

Google Doc

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A Google Doc "is a free, web-based word processor, presentation, spreadsheet, form and data storage server offered by Google."

https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin?service=writely&passive=1209600&continue=http://docs.google.com/&followup=http://docs.google.com/&ltmpl=homepage - here is where you can make your own Google Doc

I would use a Google Doc to make spread sheets, forms and documents. I could use it with my students to share information



Rubistar is a website teachers can go to that allows them to build a rubric that is fast and easy.

As a teacher you don't have the time to build a rubric from scratch. Using this website will allow me to build a rubric very quickly. You can choose from any subject and the different categories you are grading the student on.

=====Social Bookmarking
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It is a way for you to store and orgnaize particular websites that you want to remember. http://www.delicious.com/- this is a great website you can use to bookmark your favorite websites! When you are a teacher you will stumble upon some great websites that you may want to use in the future so using a website like delicious.com will allow me to do so.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a telegraphic communication that allows two or more people to interact using video and audio transmissions.


Video Conferencing can be used for conferences, teaching a class, and conducting interviews with people who are in a different location.


Livescribe is a “smart pen” which is used with special paper that records what you write and say so that you can later upload it to your computer. The pen has an embedded computer and recorder. Once you upload the notes to the computer is synchronized with the Livescribe Desktop Software.


Livescribe can be used to help students review their notes in class and help educators teach more effectively.

iTunes University

iTunes University allows educators to create podcasts of their lessons to help enhance learning for their students. Students can download these podcast onto their iPods.


As an educator you could create your own podcasts for students to view.
(download iTunes and go to iTunes U)

iTunes Podcast

iTunes podcasts are a serious of digital media files that can be downloaded or streamed though the internet. These podcast can be downloaded onto computers and then transferred to iPods.

iTunes podcasts can be used to enhance student learning because the students are able to see and hear what you are teaching about.


(go to podcasts)



Garageband is software that allows you to create music or podcasts. It is a digital audio workstation that allows you to enhance, record and play back multiple tracks of audio. You can also add video.


Garageband can be used to create podcasts to help enhance student learning. You can also have the students create a podcast.
(click on Mac tab and then the Garageband tab)

Virtual Manipulative

Virtual Manipulative are interactive web-based visual representations of dynamic objects and opportunity for building knowledge. It allows for both students and teachers to extend on developing knowledge on the subject.


I would use a Visual Manipulative to enhance teaching my students by using interactive software for a smart board.



TIES is a technology collaborative that allows educators to stay current with the technology. They host a conference in December where you can learn about school administration software, hardware and software, Internet services, and professional development.

I would go to a TIES conference as a educator to learn more about new technology that would help enhance learning for my students.

Wolfram Alpha


Wolfram Alfa is a search engine that gives you answers in the form of structured data rather than a list of documents or websites.

I would use Wolfram alpha to look up specific information on a topic.